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Education Technology Showcase

Our conferences highlight and showcase the latest apps and education technology to incorporate into your instruction.  As student interest evolves and involves technology, it's imperative that we as educators adapt our instruction to create engaging and real-world lessons that will help students succeed, grow academically, and become prepared for the future.


An Entertaining Experience

The presenter(s) at each Unconventional Teaching conference will showcase games and other immersive activities that can be immediately put into practice within your classroom.  These games and activities will allow students to make their learning a true "experience."  The presenter(s) will also include comedy & magic and/or musical performances that can tie into your curriculum.


Each conference includes methods on how to motivate and inspire students to gain and maintain a love for learning.


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Unconventional Teaching

If you're a teacher, it's almost certain that you've attended staff developments that were a total snooze fest.  Unconventional Teaching provides an informative and entertaining experience for teachers.  The workshops showcase a wide spectrum of innovative teaching techniques, apps, and ways to create unique and memorable lessons to enhance teacher instruction and student learning.  The goal of each workshop is to have teachers walk away from the workshop with a renewed energy and passion for teaching.  The conferences are designed for K-12 educators; however, we have had many college professors who have benefited from our unique and fun conferences.